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Feel free to come!

If the disabilities such as depressing, losing motivation and thinking power, and/or feeling extremely nervous in front of people are arisen in your daily life, you may be suffering from mental disorder.

Heart Clinic prepares therapeutic programs that suppress the medication into a minimum required dose to make sure that patients can take their medication peacefully. Heart Clinic also creates convenience consultation hours for working patients, for example at lunchtime, after office hours (after 5 pm), etc.

Please feel free to come to our clinic.

It is near from the station, only 1-8 minute walk.

Access map of Yokohama Heartclinic

Yokohama MS Building 2F
2-11-1 Nankou, Nishi-Ward Yokohama

5 minute walk from Yokohama Station

Access map of Ofuna Heartclinic Ofuna Heart Clinic

East entrance of JR Ofuna Station
1 minute walk from Shonan Monorail Ofuna Station

Shonan Ofuna Building 4F
1-22-9 Ofuna, Kamakura

Access map of Machida Heartclinic

Machida Heart Clinic

1 minute walk from terminal entrance of JR Machida Station
8 minute walk from Odakyu Machida Station

Second Tasuton Building 3F
3-2-2 Haramachida, Machida, Tokyo

Access map of Odawara Heartclinic

Green Building 4F

2-1-29 Sakae-cho, Odawara , Kanagawa

1 minute walk from Odawara Station

Lunchtime and after work consultation are available!

Consultation hours

* Principally, we close only at the New Year and the end of the year.

* For English speaking persons Monday,Tuesday,Thursday and Friday.


  • Initial fee – approx. 2500 yen
  • Re-examination – approx. 1500 yen
  • When you applied independent government aid (Initial fee) –approx. 800 yen
  • When you applied independent government aid (re-examination fee) – approx. 470 yen

 *The above rates are 30% available charge for patient with health
    insurance utilization.

 *The charges will be changed depending on the prescription contents
 *There is an additional charge for special medical examination.
 *There is an additional charge for patient under the age of 20.



First, please call to make an appointment: Tel: 0120-313-888

* Free dial is only available for Shizuoka prefecture, and Kanto area.
  Patients from the outside area, please call 045-311-0818.


Consultation flow chart


New patients will be asked to fill out the medical history form.

Download the medical history formNew patients have to fill out the medical history form on their first visiting day.

To shorten the waiting time and to smooth the medical examination process, please download this right medical history form and print it. After that, please fill it out and bring it on your first visiting day.


General health examination is performed.

The initial medical examination will take much time, because we perform a general physical health examination for a new patient.

Some patients may be surprising, “It is a mental disorder, but why the physical examination is performed?” Implementation of this physical health examination is based on the recommendation of the Psychiatry laboratory of Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Other countries Psychiatry laboratory, for example the United State of America also thinks that it is necessary to perform the physical health examination before the medication of mental disorder.

Sufficient physical health examination is important because mental disorder treatments use medicines. Moreover, hormonal dysfunction or other physical diseases may be the causal factor of the mental disorder. Therefore, we should make sure that there is no other physical disorder before performing the treatment.

Mental disorders need a long-term treatment.

Some patients may stop the treatment by their own decision when they feel that their mental disorder symptoms are relieved after taking the medication. However, mental disorder treatment is time-consuming and an inadequate medication may cause the symptoms relapse.

Therefore, we are advising patients to discuss with the physician and avoid self-judgment on changing their medication.

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